Re: With regard to the incident of stabbed handicapped in July nearby Tokyo region. (Pt.1)


(This article is translated of Japanese site)

Please take a look below sites for grasping the affair for understanding our article:

We, STJ, cannot imagine the sorrow of victims, relatives and we express deepest sympathy.

In fact, we have no position to state our opinion, but from enthusiastic of TATTOOING, we have to think about some topics from this and post our opinions below:


One part of media companies broadcast the article about the fact of TATTOO of the suspect (26 years old) and also he seems to agree with the legalization of TATTOOING. But from media and broadcasting say “The person who has TATTOO would be regarded as “Not Normal”. In the past, such opinions are occurred frequently among the context of TATTOO is associated with mafia and other violent groups, but STJ would like to express that THIS SHALL BE CORRECTED. (next contents is to be continued to Pt.2)

photo by radicalskintattoo


〝SAVE TATTOOING〟は、日本のタトゥー文化がアートの1つとして発展していくことを願い、全国のタトゥーファンと共に力を合わせてタトゥーカルチャーを応援するプロジェクトです。